The 2023 Ferrari Purosangue has finally been revealed, and it’s a big deal.

Back in 2016, during a Ferrari earnings call, when prodded with the idea of a Ferrari-branded SUV, then-CEO Sergio Marchionne responded, “you’d have to shoot me first”.

Before his non-related passing two years later, he’d turn ‘dead serious’ about a Prancing high-riding Horse, and after one of the most talked-about development paths in recent history, we finally have eyes on the production-ready version of Ferrari’s first-ever SUV.

But of course, the 75-year old Maranello marque wouldn’t agree with us describing the Purosangue as an SUV, preferring to simply call it a ‘four-door sports car’. You be the judge of that one.

‘Purosangue’ translates to thoroughbred, and it’s certainly got the heart of one. The new Purosangue features Ferrari’s hallmark 6.5-litre 65-degree dry-sumped V12, optimised for low-end torque as opposed to the traditional high-end power bias of Ferrari’s traditional V12 sports cars.

Peak outputs are 533kW at 7750rpm and 716Nm at 6250rpm – with 80 per cent (573Nm) of maximum torque available from as low as 2100rpm.

Ferrari has confirmed the Purosangue for the Australian market, with the SUV set to arrive locally in the fourth quarter of next year.

Low-end torque curves have been massaged by way of a completely redesigned intake system, ignition timing and exhaust, while the cylinder heads themselves are derived from the 812 Competizione – where we last saw this V12 in use, producing 610kW/692Nm.

Equal length headers bestow Ferrari’s 2+2-seater with that signature, soaring V12 exhaust note.

The Purosangue’s all-wheel drive system is a development of the system found in the GTC4Lusso, and sends drive to the front wheels at up to 200km/h in the first four gears.

Underpinning the Purosangue is a completely new high-strength aluminium alloy chassis. It’s much lighter than Ferrari’s previous four-seaters, while improving on torsional rigidity by 30 per cent and beam stiffness by 25 per cent – aiding structural rigidity for dynamic benefit, and also improving in-cabin NVH.

Suspension features active dampers with electric roll-stabilisation, cornered by staggered 22-inch wheels with 255-section tyres up front, and 23-inch wheels with 315-section tyres at the rear.

A single-shell carbon-fibre roof with integrated sound deadening is a completely new construction for Ferrari, with rigidity levels rivalling that of a glass roof while weighing 20 per cent less than a fixed-head aluminium tin-top.

To maximise ease of entry and egress for the Purosangue’s four special guests, the traditional front doors open five degrees further than the rest of the Ferrari range, while the electric rear doors are rear-hinged with a 79-degree aperture.

The bonnet, too, is front-hinged like other Ferrari icons such as the Monza SP1/SP2, so you can really feel like you’ve reached five reputation stars in Need for Speed Underground 2.

The body itself wears smooth and soft curves, with a sleek turret framed by dramatic pillars. The surfaces look stretched over its chassis, leading to a taut and tough stance with little overhangs at each end.

It’s a considered and graceful design, and in true Ferrari fashion there are many aerodynamic tricks hidden within the details, with Ferrari enacting strict drag reduction targets while catering for the cooling demands of the large-capacity V12. Thousands of hours were spent wind-tunnel testing and running Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations.

The cabin blends elegance and sporting intent with four reclining bucket-style seats, looking towards a striking sculpted twin-peaked dashboard featuring the same curved 10.2-inch driver display, haptic-touch steering wheel and neat ‘H-pattern’-style sliding shifter found in the SF90 Stradale.

Materials are chosen for their sustainability, made from a variety of sources including recycled polyester and polyamide recycled from fishing nets.

While backed by the 6.5-litre V12, cabin soundtracks will be provided by a Burmester 3D high-end surround sound system with production car-first ribbon tweeters, which are much lighter than a traditional magnetised cone assembly, and a subwoofer with its own dedicated enclosure.

The Purosangue enjoys a seven-year scheduled maintenance program, with intervals occuring every 20,000km or once a year.

Purosangue for Australia

Ferrari has confirmed to Wheels we can expect the Purosangue to arrive locally in the fourth quarter of 2023.

When it debuts in Australia, the Ferrari Purosangue will compete with the likes of Lamborghini’s Urus and the Aston Martin DBX.

Just sayin’…

It’s not as powerful, but if you want the look, Toyota’s new Crown SUV is astonishingly close.


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