amazon, android, amazon unveils revamped $99 kindle e-reader with improved specs

The newest iteration of Amazon’s entry-level e-reader now has impressive specs for a $99 price tag.

On Tuesday, Amazon announced a new entry-level Kindle e-reader that boasts an improved screen, up-to-date USB-C charging, and a $99 price tag. One of the most important upgrades to the new Kindle e-reader is the display, which provides a sharper image than its $89 predecessor.

CNBC reported that the text on the new Amazon Kindle e-reader would appear clearer instead of slightly blurry when reading on the device. This iteration has a new 300 ppi display compared to the previous 167 ppi on its predecessors, making for a crisper, clearer quality unlike before. It’s so sharp that it is now comparable to the more premium Kindle Paperwhite, which costs $140.

Amazon has also boosted the internals of its new $99 Kindle e-reader, as it now comes with 16 GB instead of the predecessor’s 8 GB, providing even more space for bibliophiles.

What to Expect in Amazon’s New $99 Kindle E-reader

Those who are sticking to a hundred-dollar budget should not mind the absence of Kindle Paperwhite’s advanced backlight features in Amazon’s $99 Kindle e-reader. Users will not be able to change the white balance to a more orange tone for their reading comfort.

Note also that the new $99 Kindle e-reader does not have water-proofing capabilities, so it’s best to use it indoors and away from pools, beaches, or cruises, even, unless users are extra careful with their devices. Finally, Amazon has bought the Kindle e-reader to the 2020 decade by adding the newer USB-C charger, a port that has been the staple among many Android devices and even Apple tablets for some time now.

As per Engadget, the new Amazon $99 Kindle e-reader is now powered by a stronger battery that offers up to six weeks of battery life. Weight-wise, this iteration is lighter than its predecessors, making it easier to bring in one’s everyday bag.

What Else is New with the Amazon Kindle

On top of the improved specs on the $99 Kindle e-reader, Amazon is offering a four-month trial to Kindle Unlimited for a limited time to those who purchase the newest iteration of the electronic reading device. Meanwhile, the tech giant has also updated Kindle Kids, the junior edition of the Amazon e-reader.

Now, Kindle Kids will provide a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+, which features a range of age-appropriate content and parental control features. It comes with a $119.99 price tag.

With the new $99 Kindle e-reader and Kindle Kids, Amazon has underscored its commitment to sustainability, as these new devices are made with 90% recycled magnesium and come in packaging that’s now 100% recyclable, as its materials are sourced from responsibly-managed forests.

Bloomberg reported on Monday that Amazon shares are now performing well following a dismal first half of 2022. This is believed to be an effect of the company’s efforts to curb costs amidst the economic downturn. Since June 16, Amazon stock has gained up to 30%, which is comparable to Apple’s 23%.

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