4 Best Ways To Record Audio On A Android Phone

How to record audio on a android phone: External Vs. Internal Audio – The Differences External Audio Internal Audio 3 Factors That May Interfere With Audio Recordings 9 Best Voice Recorder Apps For Android 1. ASR Voice Recorder 2. ...

9 Ways to Improve Gaming Performance on Android Without Root

1. Use Faster Internet Connection 2. Switch to Higher Screen Refresh Rate 3. Enable Force 4x MSAA 4. Limit Background App Activities 5. Free Up Storage Space 6. Silence Notifications 7. Use Game Booster (Samsung Phones Only) 8. Enable ...

Project X22 is a new battle royale that focuses on 3-man squad-based combat, available now in early access in Brazil

To add to the massive number of options gamers have for mobile battle royale titles, a new team-based one is looking to throw its hat into the ring: Project X22. Currently only available in early access in Brazil, this ...

How To Find A Lost Android Phone That Is Dead? 10 Best Ways

Track And Locate Lost Android Smartphones Google’s Android Device Manager(how to find a lost android phone that is dead) How To Enable Or Turn On The Find My Device Feature? How To Find The Device Location Using Google Find ...

14 Best Ways To Track An Android Phone By Phone Number

How to Track An Android Phone how to track an android phone by phone number? 4. Social Catfish 6. Instant Checkmate 8. Reverse Phone Lookup 9. Find My Device- Remote Android Location Tracker 11. Family Locator by Life360 12. ...

How To Find Saved Passwords On Android?

How to Find Saved Passwords On Android?  How to Update Saved Passwords on Android?  How to Delete Saved Passwords On Android?  How to Export Saved Passwords On Android?  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Is Google Password Manager safe? Why should ...

How to Join & Leave Android App’s Beta Program via Play Store

What is the Early Access & Beta Program on the Play Store? Steps to Join Android App’s Beta Program via Google Play Store How to Leave the Beta Program? Android is a mobile operating system mainly known for its ...

10 Ways To Find A Lost Android Phone On Airplane Mode

What happens when your phone is in Airplane mode? Can you And how to find a lost android phone on airplane mode? What is Offline finding, and how Does it work? How to Enable Offline Finding on Samsung Galaxy ...

6 Best Ways To Track An Android Phone That Is Turned Off

how to track an android phone that is turned off? Solution 1: Google Find My Device Solution 2: Google Timeline Solution 3: Using Google Photo Solution 4: With IMEI Number Solution 5: Using these third-party tools Solution 6: Google ...

12 Best Ways To Take A Screenshot On Android Phone

What is the Standard Way how to take a screenshot on android phone?   How to Take A Screenshot On Xiaomi Devices?   1. Notification Shade 2. Three-Finger Slide Down 3. Built-In Quick Ball How to Take Screenshots On Motorola Devices?  ...

7 Fixes for Telegram Not Syncing Contacts on Android and iPhone

1. Enable Contact Sync in Telegram 2. Check App Permissions 3. Manually Telegram Sync Contacts (Android) 4. Add Contacts Manually 5. Delete Synced Contacts and Sync Them Again 6. Clear Telegram Cache Data 7. Update Telegram Syncing Now Over ...

How to Get iOS 16 Features on Android

1. Lock Screen Widgets 2. Lock Screen Customization (OneUI Only) 3. Device Setup for Kids 4. Shared Library 6. Live Text iOS 16 Features Google Should Copy iOS 16 brings significant updates to iOS with a particular focus on ...

Can’t Send Text Messages From Android? 8 Best Fixes

What to do When You Can’t Send Text Messages From Android? Check your Airtime Look for Carrier Connectivity Verify that you are texting to a valid phone number Unblock the receiver’s phone number Re-configure your phone settings Frequently Asked ...

7 Easy Ways On How To Turn On Flashlight On Android Phone

how to turn on flashlight on android phone? 1. Use Google Assistant 2. Quick Settings Panel 3. Turn on the Flashlight with the Volume Buttons 4. Shake Gestures 5. Swipe gestures 6. Flashlight Widgets 7. Double Tap the Back ...

8 Best iOS 16 Features That Should Come to Android

Best iOS 16 Features Google Should Borrow 1. Multiple Lock Screens and Dedicated Widgets for It 2. Live Text for Videos 3. Visual Lookup to Share Subject 4. Live Activities on Lock Screen 5. Share Group Tabs and Pin ...

How to Lock Settings App on Android Device in 2022

AppLock by SailingLabs Steps to Lock the Settings app on Android If you often lend your Android smartphone to your friends or family members, you might want to keep certain things hidden. The first thing you may want to ...

How To Track An Android Phone With Another Android Phone? 6 Best Ways

Methods to Track Android with another Android How To Track An Android Phone With Another Android Phone? Track your Android phone’s location Find your phone with your smart home speaker Find your phone with a Bluetooth tracker Use Google’s Find My Device ...

Dr. Chatelet: Faith is a quirky adventure game with Burton-esque art and dark humour, out in Early Access on June 10th

Loongcheer Game has announced that Dr. Chatelet: Faith, the studio’s quirky adventure game about a doctor during medieval times, will be out in Early Access this June 10th. Android users can give the game a go on Google Play ...

How To Track An Android Phone For Free? 15 Best Apps

Why would I need a Mobile Tracker? What should I look for in a Mobile Tracker? Apps for Tracking Android Mobiles for Free SoftwareTestTips’ Android Mobile Tracker Recommendations Find My Phone Where’s My Droid GPS Phone Tracker Find My ...

Terramorphers, a brand new tactics strategy RPG, has launched for Android

Developer Unibyte Studios has announced its latest project, a tactical turn-based RPG entitled Terramorphers and it’s available right now. Players will take on the role of their chosen hero as they do battle in various arenas and fully customize ...

Flower Isle, a new simulation game courtesy of the UNO developers, is now available in early access in the Philippines

The developers of the extremely well-known and massively popular mobile adaptation of the classic card game UNO have announced their next project; a simulation game made for plant lovers called Flower Isle. Flower Isle will see players develop and ...

Ooga Ooga! lets you build a tribe in the Stone Age as a mighty chief, now open for pre-registration

Ooga-Ooga! is an upcoming tribe simulator from gameduo that’s now open for pre-registration, letting Android users get first dibs on the hand-drawn sim when it officially launches. The game puts players in the shoes of a mighty Chief in ...

How To TweakBox Download for iOS iPhone-iPad 2022

How To TweakBox Download for iOS iPhone-iPad 2022 About TweakBox How to install Tweakbox on your device How to download apps How To TweakBox Download for iOS iPhone-iPad 2022 Especially for app stores for smartphones, this is often the ...

Fighters of Fate is an upcoming CCG-slash-RPG that's now open for pre-registration

Pincer Games has opened pre-registration sign-ups for Fighters of Fate on Google Play, letting Android users get first dibs on the CCG-slash-RPG when it officially launches. Those who sign up will receive bountiful launch goodies, as well as players ...

Idle Fishing Village Tycoon lets you hire animal companions to help you build your fishing village, now open for pre-registration

Buff Studio’s Idle Fishing Village Tycoon is now open for pre-registration on Google Play, letting Android users get first dibs on the relaxing idle title when it officially launches. Players can build their own Fishing Village, level up, boost ...

How to Fix System UI Has Stopped Working On Android

Fix System UI Stopped Working 1. Clear Cache 2. Update Apps 3. Uninstall Updates 4. Remove Widgets 5. Free Up Some Storage Space 6. Reboot to Safe Mode 7. Uninstall Third-Party Apps 8. Update Android Version If Available 9. ...

How to Make a Memoji on Android in 2022

Steps to Make a Memoji on Android How to Use the Memoji on Android? If you have used an iPhone, you probably know about the Memoji. Memoji is an Apple exclusive feature that lets you create an emoji that ...

How To Find A Lost Android Phone For Free? 4 Ways

how to find a lost android phone for free | 4 Ways To Get Your Phone Back 1. Locate your phone using your Google Account 2. Secure your device and leave a contact number 3. Locate your android smartphone ...

How To Track An Android Phone? 10 Best Ways

how to track an android phone Using Built-in Settings 1. Find My Mobile for Samsung 2. Samsung’s tracking features 3. Find My Device for Google 4. Google’s tracking features Find Your Lost Phone or Password Locked Android Device Using ...

7 Tips to Use Samsung Smart Select Like a Pro

1. Use Smart Select Without S Pen 2. Capture Screenshots in Different Shapes 3. Draw on Clips 4. Auto Select Content 5. Extract Text 6. Create GIFs 7. Pin Image to Screen Best of Samsung Samsung’s Smart Select feature ...

How to Fix “Connection Error” in Snapchat?

1. Relaunch the Snapchat App After Force Closing it 2. Enable and Disable Airplane Mode of the Phone 3. Restart or Force Restart Your Phone 4. Boot Your Phone into the Safe Mode 5. Update the Phone’s OS to ...

Why Do My Apps Keep Crashing On Android? 18 Best Fixes

Why Does My App Keep Crashing On My Smartphone? Fix it With Our “How To” Guide How to Stop Apps Keep Crashing on Android Fix 1: Reboot Your Droid Gadget Fix 2: Re-Check Your Internet connection Fix 3: Update ...

How to Turn Off ‘Ok Google’ Command on Android Device

We have many virtual assistant apps these days, but it was the Google Assistant that we use the most out of all. Google Assistant is a part of Android, and it comes built-in on every smartphone running on the ...

How to Edit LibreOffice Documents in Android for Free

What Is Collabora Office Why Use Collabora Office Offline Support True Libreoffice Support Optimized for Mobile Free and Open Source Supports Microsoft Office Formats How to Install Collabora Office on Your Android Device How to Create Documents Using Collabora ...

How to Enable & Use Chrome Actions on Android

Google Introduced Chrome Actions way back in 2020, and it first made its appearance on Google Chrome for desktop version 87. If you don’t know, Chrome Actions are a fast and simple way to take action right from the ...

Is There a Way to Find Lost S-Pen

How to Find Lost S Pen How to See the Time When S Pen Was Detached How to Find Lost S Pen Pro Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 1. How to Find the Lost Samsung Galaxy Phone? 2. Can You ...

Bike Clash, a brand new BMX simulation sports game, launches in early access for Android

The multiplayer sports simulator Bike Clash has officially launched in early access today, allowing players to compete in breakneck speed BMX races all across the globe. Developed by T-Bull, you can expect to see realistic physics and plenty of ...

6 Best Ways To Update A Vizio Smart TV

What To Know Before Updating A Vizio Smart TV? How To Update a VIZIO Smart TV Automatically?  How To Update A Vizio Smart TV? The Manually Method Can Older Vizio TVs Be Updated?   How To Update An Old Vizio ...

7 Methods To Stop Robocalls On Android Phones

Learn how to stop robocalls on android Device how to stop robocalls on android Device Reject Anonymous/Hidden Caller ID To Block Spam Calls Register Your Number In The National Do Not Call Registry List Avail Telecom Company DND Feature ...

Warhammer: Chaos and Conquest celebrates Skulls 2022 with Dark Riders Abound event

Warhammer: Chaos and Conquest have announced their Black Knights-themed event, “Dark Riders Abound”. During the Dark Riders Abound event, you’ll be facing off against undead foes, collecting new undead themed items and more. All of this information and more ...


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