This random-roll loot collection is full of unique skins, though obtaining the one you want can be tricky.

Apex Legends Mobile launched a new battle pass last week, and with it came a familiar face: Loba, a fashion-focused thief whose arrival was accompanied by an icy new cosmetics collection called Glacial Games. Glacial Games is the latest Arsenal Drop to hit the mobile battle royale’s in-game store since Cold Snap went live.

The Arsenal Drop is a new feature that is unique to Apex Mobile, and although they may look like your standard premium skin collections, there’s a bit more to them than meets the eye. Featuring 20 mobile-exclusive cosmetics, Arsenal Drops aren’t your point-and-purchase premium skin collections. Instead, players purchase loot boxes (not to be confused with Apex Packs, or the Loot Bins found in matches) for varying amounts of Syndicate Gold, the mobile game’s premium currency. But these boxes don’t function like the Thematic Apex Packs found in the console and PC versions of Apex Legends–there’s a bit more to the equation than simply opening a box and getting one of the 20 exclusive cosmetics. Here’s a guide to all the goodies included in this Arsenal Drop–and a breakdown of just how much players will need to shell out to ensure they get the skins they desire.

Odds and prizes

Each individual cosmetic has different odds of being unlocked, depending on where it is located on the six tiered honeycomb loot list. Each cosmetic is located in one of six horizontal rows. When players purchase a loot box, they’ll see various cosmetics light up until one prize is randomly selected from the 20 available cosmetics. The cosmetics on the upper rows are much less likely to be obtained than those on the lower rows. Here’s a quick breakdown of the loot in each tier, and your odds of unlocking a cosmetic from that row.

Row six (bottom): 50%

  • Raise Your Flag emoji pack, featuring Loba (Epic)
  • Snowball Fight holospray, featuring Mirage (Epic)
  • I’m Watching You holospray, featuring Wraith (Epic)
  • Alerted emoji pack, featuring Pathfinder (Epic)

Row five: 33%

  • Smooth As Ice Loba skin (Rare)
  • Wolf Sculpture Loba banner frame (Epic)
  • Snowballing profile frame (Epic)
  • Freestyle Pathfinder skin (Rare)

Row four: 10%

  • Respectful Bloodhound banner pose (Rare)
  • Fresh Powder G7 Scout skin (Rare)
  • Champion’s Flight Longbow skin (Rare)
  • Caught Red-Handed Bangalore banner pose (Rare)

Row three: 5%

  • Winter’s Fury Loba skin (Epic)
  • Electrifying Finish Havoc skin (Epic)
  • Ski Jump Triple Take skin (Epic)
  • Diamond Drive Pathfinder skin (Epic)

Row two: 1.5%

  • Ice Rink Alternator skin (Legendary)
  • Big Air R-99 skin (Legendary)

Row one: 0.5%

  • Alpine Domination Loba skin (Legendary)
  • Slope Shredder Pathfinder Skin (Legendary)

android, apex legends mobile - glacial games arsenal drop guide

Glacial Games Arsenal Drop prizes and odds

There are no duplicates, so once you’ve unlocked an entire row of cosmetics, you improve your odds of unlocking a cosmetic from the other rows. This seems fairly straightforward at first, but there’s a catch (well, several of them). Firstly, while the Arsenal Drop page itself lists the above probabilities for each row, clicking on the question mark in the upper left hand corner of the Arsenal Drop page will present you with directions that include values for each row that differ from the odds listed on the main page, and instead state the following:

  • Row one: 1%
  • Row two: 3%
  • Row three: 5%
  • Row four: 10%
  • Row five: 31%
  • Row six: 50%

The directions display higher odds for every row except row six, so it’s possible players may have better odds than it appears. But it’s just as possible that the text in the directions is incorrect or has not yet been updated to reflect the odds displayed on the Arsenal Drop page itself.


The other catch is that the cost of loot boxes increases with each one you buy. Your first loot box will only cost you 45 Syndicate Gold (roughly $0.50USD), but the price will only increase from there. Here’s how much each loot box will cost you:

  • Box #1: 45 SG
  • Box #2: 65 SG
  • Box #3: 100 SG
  • Box #4: 120 SG
  • Box #5: 150 SG
  • Box #6: 250 SG
  • Box #7: 350 SG
  • Box #8: 450 SG
  • Box #9: 550 SG
  • Box #10: 650 SG
  • Box #11: 750 SG
  • Box #12: 850 SG
  • Box #13: 950 SG
  • Box #14: 1,050 SG
  • Box #15: 1,150 SG
  • Box #16: 1,250 SG
  • Box #17: 1,400 SG
  • Box #18: 1,600 SG
  • Box #19: 1,800 SG
  • Box #20: 2,300 SG

This means that players who wish to obtain the entire cosmetic collection will need to have 15,830 Syndicate Gold on hand. The total for purchasing all 20 loot boxes comes out to roughly $159USD, but you can’t purchase a single piece of Syndicate Gold, as they come in bundles ranging from $3USD for 280 SG to $100USD for 9,365 SG (bigger bundles come with bonus coins–the bigger the purchase, the more bonus coins received). With the current Syndicate Gold bundles available in the shop, it will cost roughly $175USD to purchase all 20 items in the collection.

Unlike the Collection Events seen in Apex on console and PC, Apex Legends Mobile’s Arsenal Drops do not reward players who collect all 20 items with a special skin or Heirloom weapon, so once you’ve obtained all skins you’ve been hoping for, there’s no point in purchasing the rest of the collection. The Glacial Games Arsenal Drop will be available in the Emporium section of the in-game store for 12 days, so players have plenty of time to decide how many loot boxes they wish to purchase.

Apex Legends Mobile is available for download on iOS and Android.

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