chemonics, decisive capital and extreme tech challenge will talk transformative tech at tc sessions: climate

A lot of very smart people are dedicating their time, energy and a ton of money developing breakthrough technologies in the hope of building a radically different (read: sustainable) world. It’s a critical effort considering the existential threat of climate change.

But which innovations have the potential to transform industries? What lies ahead? And what will it take for big businesses, governments, philanthropists and the startup community to work together to achieve that urgent goal?

Clearly we have questions, and we’re thrilled to announce that the following seasoned investors and industry veterans will tackle these and other topics on stage at TechCrunch Sessions: Climate and The Extreme Tech Challenge 2022 Global Finals on June 14 in Berkeley, California.

The featured panelists for Powering the Future Through Transformative Tech, presented by Extreme Tech Challenge, include:

Jamey Butcher, CEO and president of Chemonics International  Philipp Gruener, global head of due diligence at Decisive Capital Management Victoria Slivkoff, executive managing director at Extreme Tech Challenge Bill Tai, angel investor, partner emeritus at CRV and cofounder of Extreme Tech Challenge

Not familiar with Extreme Tech Challenge? It’s a nonprofit that empowers startups to address global challenges. It is the world’s largest ecosystem and competition for purpose-driven technology, inspired by the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Get ready for a fascinating conversation about breakthrough technologies that might shape the future. And, of course, we’ll ask this expert panel where they see the biggest opportunities.

Jamey Butcher joined Chemonics in 1998 and has served across a variety of roles and regions. Most recently, he oversaw the global health and supply chain portfolio where he led efforts to implement sustainable supply chains, improve health service delivery and scale up innovative approaches in developing countries.

Previously, Butcher served as senior vice president of Chemonics’ business units across Europe, Eurasia and Africa, and he has more than 20 years of experience as a private-sector development specialist in Eurasia, Latin America and Asia.

Philipp Gruener leads the build-up of Decisive Capital’s direct tech investment team. Experienced in venture capital and private equity, Gruener advises a diverse client portfolio including family offices, venture capital and private equity funds.​ Prior to joining Decisive, he worked at Morgan Stanley and Bain and Company.

In addition to her leadership role at Extreme Tech Challenge, Victoria Slivkoff also serves as the head of ecosystem at Walden Catalyst Ventures, a VC firm helping early-stage companies in the U.S., Europe and Israel build the next generation of category-defining businesses in deep tech, with a focus on AI and data.

Slivkoff is passionate about driving high-impact vision, strategy and operations as well as serving as a trusted partner for entrepreneurs who are developing breakthrough technologies.

In addition to cofounding Extreme Tech Challenge, Bill Tai has funded startups as a VC since 1991 —  22 of which became listed companies. Tai has served as board director of eight publicly listed companies that grew from startups he funded at their formative stages. He cofounded Treasure Data (acquired by ARM/Softbank), and iAsiaWorks (IPO via Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley) and is board chairman of Hut8 Mining.

Tai was among the first angel investors in Canva, Color Genomics,, Dapper Labs, Safety Culture, Tweetdeck/Twitter and Zoom Video, where he was the first committed backer.

Don’t miss this exciting discussion about the transformative power of tech, how it can reshape our planet for the better and the opportunities that exist in building a sustainable tomorrow.

TC Sessions: Climate takes place in person on June 14 at UC Berkley’s Zellerbach Hall with an online event on June 16. Literally hundreds of leading climate tech founders, investors and scientists will be in the house. Join them: Buy your ticket today and take advantage of our Memorial Day 2-for-1 sale happening now.

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