Climate tech firm to launch scaled-up plant sucking CO2 from air

Construction is due to begin on Wednesday on what could become the world’s biggest plant to capture carbon dioxide from the air and deposit it underground, the company behind the nascent green technology said. Swiss start-up Climeworks AG said ...

Warmer Climate, Possible Threat to Antarctica’s Only Native Insect Population Despite Its Ability to Endure Extreme Conditions

The Ability to Endure Stressful Conditions Midge Larvae Set at 3 Temperatures Warmer Climates (Photo : Pexels/Egor Kamelev) To avoid damage to internal tissue by icy crystals, overwintering larvae are losing up to 70 percent of their body fluids. ...

Hurricane Season Is Here. Prepare These Emergency Bag Essentials ASAP

Make sure you have these items at the ready in the event of a natural disaster evacuation.

Climate change is shrinking and fragmenting salmon habitat

Bear Valley Creek is a tributary of Idaho’s aptly named Salmon River. With its lazy meanders, rushing water, and limited human impact, “this is as good as it gets for salmon,” Crozier said. Its salmon population has been robust, ...

New study shows how the ancient world adapted to climate change

Maps of the study region. These were created in QGIS using the ASTER Global Digital Elevation Model v3 as a basemap [13]: (a) All TIB 8 settlements, with elevation data displayed using a topographic color ramp. Important locations are ...

Climate change is altering the chemistry of wine

Warming, wildfires and unpredictable weather are disrupting the winemaking process.

Modeling the climate-energy consumption link in Tibet

Effect of climate on REC as quantified for Tibet. Credit: TPE Researchers from the Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research (ITP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have investigated how climate influences the amount of electricity used in Tibetan homes ...

Climate protection: CO2 turned into methanol

Molybdenum disulfide under the scanning electron microscope. Credit: Vienna University of Technology For reasons of climate protection, carbon dioxide must not be released into the atmosphere. Wherever the formation of carbon dioxide cannot be prevented, it should be captured ...

New Research Centre for Sustainable Construction

First research projects underway TU Graz research centres: a strategic priority-setting initiative From the idea to the interdisciplinary and interfaculty research network Existing research centres (Sustainable) construction is omnipresent at TU Graz: here at the growing Campus Inffeldgasse and ...

Long-term study suggests climate-friendly practices could increase crop yields and improve farm ecosystems

Credit: CC0 Public Domain An international team of researchers conducting a long-term study has found that climate-friendly farming practices could lead to higher crop yields, reduced costs and improved local ecosystems. In their paper published in the journal Nature ...

Install the Nest Thermostat in No Time. Here's How

The $130 Nest Thermostat is pretty simple to set up. We'll walk you through how to do it.

Space Tourism and Rocket Launches May Affect Ozone Layer, Earth’s Climate [Study]

Space Launches Affect Earth’s Ozone Layer, Climate Montreal Protocol A new study shows that space travel and rocket launches might affect the ozone layer’s recovery and our climate. According to the study’s authors, the space industry is one of ...

G7 could roll back climate pledge over energy crisis: draft text

G7 leaders are considering watering down a pledge to stop financing fossil fuel projects abroad, according to a draft text seen by AFP on Monday, as some countries struggle to replace Russian energy imports. The Group of Seven rich ...

Climate activists block IMF Paris office doors

Climate activists on Monday blocked entry to the International Monetary Fund’s Paris office with some gluing their hands to its doors, demanding developing countries’ debt be scrapped to help tackle climate change. The Paris protest is part of a ...

Ancient world adapted to climate change

A new study shows how the ancient world adapted to climate change A new study of the ancient world of Anatolia – now Turkey – shows how they adapted to climate change but offers a warning for today’s climate emergency.The ...

Researchers study plants sprouting from century-old seeds uncovered during Toronto Port Lands excavation

Forestry PhD candidate Melanie Sifton examines soil recovered from the Port Lands construction site At a Toronto Port Lands construction site on the city’s waterfront, keen-eyed workers recently spotted plants that had sprouted from soil recently exposed by the ...

Top predators could ’trap’ themselves trying to adapt to climate change

As climate change alters environments across the globe, scientists have discovered that in response, many species are shifting the timing of major life events, such as reproduction. With an earlier spring thaw, for example, some flowers bloom sooner. But scientists ...

How climate change is affecting extreme weather events around the world: new study

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Attribution science has led to major advances in linking the impacts of extreme weather and human-induced climate change, but large gaps in the published research still conceal the full extent of climate change damage, warns ...

Meet 5 remarkably old animals, from a Greenland shark to a featherless, seafaring cockatoo

Granddad the Lungfish Cocky Bennett the Cockatoo Jonathan the Tortoise The Greenland Shark Ming the Clam Some animals can live to a startlingly old age, from the famous 392-year-old “Greenland shark” to a 190-year-old tortoise in the Seychelles. Two ...

Google Cloud’s new sustainability platform aims to bring enterprise climate goals down to earth

If you ask most executives if they want to do the right thing by the planet, chances are they are going to say yes, even if they don’t know exactly what that involves. Some companies could exaggerate their intentions in ...

Drones and DNA tracking: we show how these high-tech tools are helping nature heal

Remote sensing with drones Genomics: valuable, yet misunderstood Where to from here? Technology has undoubtedly contributed to global biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation. Where forests once stood, artificial lights now illuminate vast urban jungles. Where animals once roamed, huge ...

Climate change is affecting when and how violets reproduce

The common blue violet, Viola sororia, is native to eastern North America, including Missouri. This wildflower blooms in early spring, sometimes into late summer, producing blue-violet flowers or white blooms with purple veining. The genus name comes from the ...

Top predators could 'trap' themselves trying to adapt to climate change, study shows

African wild dog pups. Credit: Bobby-Jo Vial As climate change alters environments across the globe, scientists have discovered that in response, many species are shifting the timing of major life events, such as reproduction. With an earlier spring thaw, ...

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High Electric Bills: One Small Change to Slash the Cost

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Solar Panel Installation: How Long It Takes and What You Need to Know

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Will Your Solar Panels Keep the Lights On During A Blackout? What to Know

It's possible to set up your solar panels so that they work during a blackout. But you may not want to do so.

Unheeded failure mechanism of magnesium metal anode

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Among post-lithium-ion battery technologies, rechargeable magnesium (Mg) batteries utilizing divalent Mg2+ as charge carriers are expected to offer substantial improvements in volumetric energy density and sustainability of batteries. Now, a research team led by researchers ...

Drought increases rural suicide, and climate change will make drought worse

Credit: Shutterstock New research has found suicide increases during drought among men in Australia’s rural communities, and the problem may be exacerbated due to climate change. Our findings call for urgent plans for adaptation, and global action to mitigate ...

Coming increase in rocket launches will damage ozone, alter climate, study finds

The study looked at the effects of a projected increase in rocket launches.

Salt and a battery: Smashing the limits of power storage

Europeans will need more and better batteries to power fleets of electric cars. Credit: © Nick Starichenko, Shutterstock Thanks to the renewables boom, the limiting factor of the energy revolution is not power supply as much as power storage ...

Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium vs. Nest Learning Thermostat

Which of these high-end smart thermostats is the best?

Climate warming causes new rivers to form on the surface of the Greenland ice sheet

Formation of new rivers on the surface of the Greenlandic ice cap (Photo: UNIFR Using more than 25’000 satellite images, Andrew Tedstone and Horst Machguth, two researchers from the University of Freiburg, have observed that the runoff of water ...

Green electronics project sets out to create compostable crop sensors

An international research collaboration is setting out to find new ways of monitoring grop growth with biodegradable sensors which can be composted at the end of their lifespan.The £1.8m CHIST-ERA project, called Transient Electronics for Sustainable ICT in Digital Agriculture, ...

Labor promised to fix Australia’s big water problem. These 6 things must top the to-do  list

What Labor promised What about the Murray-Darling Basin Plan? Water, water, everywhere During the federal election campaign, Labor promised to future-proof Australia’s water resources. Now, new Water Minister Tanya Plibersek must deliver on the policy – one vital to ...

The clean energy revolution isn’t just a techno-fix – it’s about capturing hearts and minds

A model community Context is everything Listening to local voices Looking to a clean energy future The Black Summer bushfires devastated parts of the Eurobodalla region in New South Wales. Then earlier this year, the area was hit by ...

How to Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill While You're Away on Vacation

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Unplug Your 'Energy Vampires' to Save on Electric Bills: TVs, Computers and More

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Climate damage caused by growing space tourism needs urgent mitigation

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Published today in the journal Earth’s Future, researchers from UCL, the University of Cambridge and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) used a 3D model to explore the impact of rocket launches and re-entry in 2019, ...

How Long Does It Take to Install Solar Panels?

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Soil quality key to increasing crop production and resilience to climate change

Decades of climate change in the mountains do not cause a shift in the tree line

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First helicopter flight powered solely by sustainable aviation fuel

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