The Ferocious Bear is a valuable boss to defeat in V Rising.

There are dozens of bosses available to fight and defeat in V Rising. From the early portion of the game, you’re encouraged to seek out as many bosses as possible. You can do this from the Blood Altar, which can be constructed with some simple materials inside of your starter base. At the Blood Altar, you’re given access to every boss close to your current gear score. You’re able to track each of these bosses, which spawns a blood trail in the air that guides you to that boss’ location on the map. However, sometimes this blood trail leads players astray, especially with the Ferocious Bear boss.

The Ferocious Bear is a desirable boss to defeat since it unlocks a valuable ability that you can use upon slaying the furry beast. Although, when some players try to track it through the Blood Altar’s trail, they’re led to parts of the map where the bear cannot be found. If you want to skip the blood trail altogether and just see where to find the Ferocious Bear, then check out the detailed guide below.

Finding the Ferocious Bear

Before you even head out to fight the Ferocious Bear, your gear score should be at least level 36. The bear has a recommended gear score of level 36, meaning you actually won’t be able to track it until you meet that level requirement. If you go to your Blood Altar to track the boss and your gear score is 35, the game will tell you to increase your level. You can do this by equipping stronger pieces of armor, which are unlocked through defeating other bosses in V Rising. As long as you’re beating bosses regularly, you’ll be able to get to level 36 relatively quickly.

Once you have a gear score of level 36, you can go to your Blood Altar and choose to track the Ferocious Bear. The boss is located in the far eastern part of Farbane Woods, so you shouldn’t have to go far unless you’ve established a base in the northern regions of the map. When looking at the map of the east Farbane Woods, you will see a small circular piece of land jutting out into the edge of the map. This location is called “Bear Cave” and it’s where you can find the Ferocious Bear. You can see a map screenshot below.

ferocious bear in v rising - location and boss battle guide

The Bear Cave’s location in V Rising

At the Bear Cave, you can find the Ferocious Bear roaming around the middle area. Upon seeing you, the bear will start the fight.

Beating the Ferocious Bear

The Ferocious Bear has a few devastating attacks that can do significant damage if you don’t dodge them. The one attack you need to watch out for is its ground slam followed by the raining rocks that cover small areas around the bear. When you see it’s about to do a ground slam, dodge as far as possible and wait for the rocks to hit the ground. However, even though you’re far away, you still need to be careful. The bear can charge at you with great speed to close the distance between the two of you. These charged attacks can become even more powerful if the bear is enraged.

It’s recommended to attack after dodging a charged attack when the bear is close to you. Of course, if you’re using a ranged weapon, then pick your moments to attack from a distance. You can use the Crimson Aegis ability to apply a shield to yourself, protecting you from any charge attacks. We also recommend you switch to a defensive position when the bear is enraged, as it’s difficult to attack when this happens.

After you’ve defeated the Ferocious Bear, you’ll unlock the Bear Form and the Fur Rugs building recipe.

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