How to get the Ocean’s Blessing badge in Royale High – Roblox

Image via Roblox Royale High To many players’ surprise, the popular role-play/dress-up experience Royale High offers over 200 badges for players to collect, including a few that can only be obtained by the luckiest of players. So how do you obtain these mysteriously ...

Terraria 1.4.4 update patch notes reveal legendary difficulty

The Terraria 1.4.4 update patch notes are here for launch and reveal even more details about the Labor of Love update including a legendary difficulty option

Everything to do before Overwatch 2 launches

What to do before Overwatch 2 launches Make a account Set up SMS Protection Merge your accounts Pre-download Overwatch 2 Buy any last-minute cosmetics from Overwatch Image via Blizzard Entertainment After years of speculation, announcements, and trailers, Overwatch ...

Ubisoft’s Skull & Bones Has Been Delayed. Again.

Earlier this year, Skull & Bones was finally given a release date of November 8th. Now, that release date has been pushed back. First announced way back in 2017, Ubisoft’s pirate-themed multiplayer adventure has had quite the tumultuous journey. For a ...

The World of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Journey to the North Reveals the Game's Hidden Lore

Learn about this bloody gaming universe from the man who knows it best.

All Tri-Lakshana Creatures & how to interact with them in Genshin Impact

All eight Tri-Lakshana Creatures & how to interact with them in Genshin Impact Where to find Tri-Lakshana Creatures in Genshin Impact Screenshot by Pro Game Guides. Genshin Impact added many fun and fantastic elements to its Sumeru Region. Tri-Lakshana ...

The best Wiglett fanart from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet fans

Screenshot via Pokémon YouTube New Paldean Pokémon keep appearing in Scarlet and Violet videos, and the latest addition to the ‘dex is Wiglett. This wriggly eel Pokémon looks like a cousin to Diglett, poking out of the sand and ...

Brawlhalla - Battle Pass Classic: Return to Demon Island Launch Trailer - IGN

Brawlhalla’s first Battle Pass returns, including the original track with new rewards. Watch the trailer to see what to expect with the battle pass, including the reveal that all original track progress was saved. The refresh of Brawlhalla's first ...

Dead Space Remake Team Showed Diehard Fans the Game Every Six Weeks in Early Development

EA Motive has turned to fans to help with the Dead Space remake.

Gran Turismo 7 Free Update 1.23 Includes 3 New Cars & More

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Polyphony Digital announced the coming of update 1.23. The update will be released tomorrow, September 29, and it will include three new cars and more. The cars made available are the futuristic Volkswagen ID. R ...

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to make money quickly

How do I make money quickly in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Clear Night Thorns Sell unwanted foraged items Catch and sell fish Mine for gems Cook and sell meals Grow pumpkins There aren’t many more relaxing games out there than ...

WoW WotLK Death Knight guide: talents, abilities, and leveling

The WoW WotLK Death Knight is one of the MMO’s premier classes, so here’s a rundown of the best talents, abilities, and leveling options

5 Indie Games Like Slime Rancher 2

2. Stardew Valley 1. Hokko Life Indie Games are a space that allows for boundless creativity. With that being said, some games share more similarities than others. Whether it is through a game mechanic or aesthetic, a lot of ...

Former Google chief reveals playing games is "the highest performance" he has ever achieved

Former CBO Mo Gawdat describes how games allow us to experience "total flow"

Slime Rancher 2: Where to find and how to breed chickens

Where do I find chickens in Slime Rancher 2? How do I breed chickens in Slime Rancher 2? As you traverse Rainbow Island in Slime Rancher 2, wrangling slimes and vacuuming up just about anything, you’ll find that there’s ...

How to make Birthday Cake in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Screenshot by Gamepur As you live your life in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will collect ingredients to create wonderful meals for you and your Disney/Pixar pals. These meals can be used to increase your energy and increase your Friendship ...

Just Cause devs are making a game that sounds like Just Cause with multiplayer

A job listing makes clear that Avalanche Studios has a new open-world game in the works

Edgerunners ushers in success for Cyberpunk 2077

Quest director: "To have this moment of people actually liking something that we did is really feeling a bit unreal. You know that finally people are appreciating it."

How Resurgence Supreme mode works in Call of Duty: Warzone

Image via Call of Duty Call of Duty: Warzone is kicking off its last major update with more than just new weapons and skins. The battle royale will host several game modes ahead of the release of Modern Warfare ...

How to Complete The Dreamlight Fountain Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Wondering how to complete The Dreamlight Fountain quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Here’s everything you need to know. The Dreamlight Fountain quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley comes from Donald, but it’s only available once you’ve reached friendship level 10 with him. (If ...

Skull and Bones Has Been Delayed Until March 2023

Despite a recent re-reveal in July, Ubisoft’s troubled pirate game, Skull and Bones, has been delayed yet again, following one delay after another. The title had been on for a November launch, and earlier this month showcased some of ...

You Can Now Grab A Game Handle For Your Netflix Account

Create your own public username for use in Netflix's mobile games.

Pokémon Violet and Scarlet’s newest monster is a floppy Diglett

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Diglett grew a little taller? Pokémon Violet and Scarlet will answer that question with its latest monster, a taller and wigglier version of Diglett named Wiglett. The Pokémon Company and Nintendo ...

Leaked cosmetics reveal possible Amazon x Roblox collab coming soon

Image via Roblox Just days after the debut of Walmart Land, which is already seeing mixed reviews across the Roblox community, another Fortune 500 company appears to be dipping their toes into the Metaverse pool. Though Amazon does have ...

How to watch The Walking Dead franchise in order (release and chronological)

Here's how to watch The Walking Dead shows in order, including spin-offs

Amazing Spider-Man #10 concludes with a moment almost 50 years in the making

Amazing Spider-Man's Judgment Day tie-in is both haunting and heartbreaking

Neat Bumblebee II microphone

A redesigned budget microphone that suffers from poor build quality.

Cyberpunk 2077 Tops 20 Million Copies Sold

CD Projekt Red has announced that Cyberpunk 2077 has surpassed an impressive 20 million copies sold. The open world RPG is closing in on its second anniversary, and if you’ve been following the game since its incredibly rough launch ...

How to get the Grounded Mantis Kebab in the Stump Lab

Where to find the Orchid Mantis Kebab recipe in Grounded and how to make it

This PS5 SSD is at its lowest ever price

If you need a new PS5 SSD then check out this deal on the WD - BLACK SN850

New Pokémon Wiglett revealed for Scarlet & Violet 

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are reportedly getting a new white Diglett-like pokémon!

PS Plus Essential PS5, PS4 Games for October 2022 Announced

PS Plus Essential: October 2022 PS Plus Essential: October 2022 Update: We now have confirmation from Sony that the lineup of PS5, PS4 games joining PS Plus Essential in October 2022 is as follows: PS Plus Essential: October 2022 ...

Lost Judgment PC Performance Analysis

SEGA has released Lost Judgment on PC. Powered by the Dragon Engine, it’s time now to benchmark this game and see how it performs on the PC platform. For this PC Performance Analysis, we used an Intel i9 9900K ...

How to Complete Ice Cavern Mystery in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Wondering how to complete Elsa’s Ice Cavern Mystery quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Here’s everything you need to do. Before you can start Ice Cavern Mystery in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need to reach friendship level 10 with Elsa. (If you ...

Preview: The Real Star of Gunbrella Is Its Titular Tool

Doinksoft, developer of 2019’s cat-led black and white Metroidvania adventure Gato Roboto, is serving up something rather different for its follow up title. For a start, Gunbrella, set for release in 2023, is awash with colour. From the moment ...

Blizzard has outlined its "disruptive behavior" management system

Defense Matrix will ensure the shooter sequel offers up a high-integrity and positive experience.

Gundam Evolution: How to Change Servers to Fix Error 503

Getting hit with an Error 503 message in Gundam Evolution? Here's a potential workaround.

Warhaven is a For Honor-style, 32-player melee action game where you can turn into a god

Korean giant Nexon appears to be on a spree of big game reveals. This week’s latest is Warhaven, a 16v16 multiplayer brawler with a some familiar, and not-so-familiar, twists to its gameplay. As Korean games tend to, Warhaven is ...


Wild Hearts reveal trailer looks like Monster Hunter plus Dynasty Warriors plus steampunk

'Wild Hearts' is EA's answer to Monster Hunter

Shatter Remastered Deluxe - Release Date Announcement Trailer - IGN

FFXIV Ocean Fishing Bait Guide

I’m as shocked as you, but Dead Island 2 is one of the best-looking games I’ve played this year

EA reveals Wild Hearts, a Monster Hunter-like from Dynasty Warrior devs that's current-gen only

Soapbox: Ask Push Square's Video Producer Anything

Одноразовые бахилы – противоскользящие

Предметы первой необходимости для дома

Genshin Impact The Exile Sprouting and hidden quest guide

Wild Hearts Reveal Trailer Gives Off Serious Monster Hunter Vibes, Release Date Set For February 2023

Мебель, предметы быта, необходимые для помощи семьям

Marvel's Blade Loses Director Just Ahead Of Production Starting

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan & Little Hope - New Updates Trailer - IGN

Get A Free Game With Xbox Elite Series 2 Core Controller

Paul Bettany joins Tom Hanks and Robin Wright in new Robert Zemeckis movie

Wild Hearts Launches on February 17th, 2023; First Trailer Showcases Gadgets, Weapons, and Kemono

Intel’s Arc A770 Gets $329 Price Tag and October Release Date

Leaked Intel Raptor Lake 6GHz CPU-Z benchmarks have arrived

Ready for Worlds: LCK star locks down ranks 1 and 2 in Korean League solo queue

Valkyrie Elysium Review

Man of Medan and Little Hope Have Free PS5 and Xbox Series X Updates Today

We Turned 20 Iconic Game Characters Into Pokemon With an AI Tool & the Results are Truly Disturbing

This space MMO looks like Halo and Starfield had a beautiful baby

AFK 2: Journey is now available in soft launch

Fortnite leak teases “Phantom Ammo” and Self-Destruct

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II's beta was the biggest in the series' history

Smile Review

Wild Hearts Interview: Magical Building, Open Worlds, and Why It's Out So Soon

Overwatch 2 Defense Matrix Initiative Announced – SMS Protect, Machine Learning, and More Detailed

Tom Hanks thinks only four of his movies are "pretty good"

MultiVersus - Rick Gameplay Trailer - IGN

Satisfactory Patch v0.6.1.2 Adds Tilted Concave Walls and New FICSIT Roof Corners

Кухонные губки – цель

Кухонная губка для мытья посуды

Phasmophobia Hotfix Removes Reset Save Button, Patch Notes Here

Shiro Maekawa on modernising the Rune Factory series amidst the farming games fever

Square Enix reveals new Harvestella characters, jobs, and delicious meals

Dead Island 2 Has Breakable Weapons to Balance Its ‘Over-the-Top Mentality’

Fury's roadmap for subsequent 5 fights – together with DOUBLE demolition of AJ

Fortnite Discord quests are here for free battle royale loot

Best gaming mouse pad in 2022

WoW Dragonflight Priest tier set is as epic as it is holy

A Piece Codes (September 2022)

GTA Online now has an in-game player billionaire

There’s Something Fishy About Li’l Judd in Splatoon 3

Overwatch 2 players seem to favour new incremental hero-unlocking rules

WoW player impressively recreates WotLK in Unreal Engine 5, misses actual Wrath Classic launch

How to make Tamagoyaki and other Egg dishes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Today's Wordle Answer (#465) - September 28, 2022

Taiko no Tatsujin: Rhythm Festival Review (Switch)

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman answer your biggest Deadpool 3 questions, sort of

Chess explodes as world champion accuses opponent of cheating

Покупайте наши одноразовые бахилы

Genshin Impact Nilou materials – all ascension materials

Valve Will Attempt To Fulfill Steam Deck Pre-Orders Before 2023

It's Summer Time In Harvestella As Square Enix Shares A Heap Of New Info

Roblox MeloBlox Codes (September 2022)

Grounded Full 1.0 Release Now Available With Complete Story and Loads of New Features

Как лучше мыть посуду вручную