Protecting your quarterback is one of the most important elements in Madden 23.

Madden 23 is now out for the entire community and every fan is diving into another year of virtual football. While a majority of the player base are returning veterans, there is a solid chunk of players that haven’t played a Madden game before or are coming back after a lengthy hiatus. If you’re in this camp or simply don’t remember some controls, then you’re going to need a crash course on how to perform some of the most basic, yet important, mechanics in Madden 23. One such mechanic that every player needs to know how to do is a QB slide.

The quarterback is the most important player on the field at any given time, and it’s vital that players know the best ways to protect them. While a quarterback’s job is usually to throw the ball to a receiver, sometimes a play doesn’t work out that way, and you need to escape the pocket with the QB. Or, you could be playing as a team with a speedy quarterback, such as Lamar Jackson or Kyler Murray, and use QB run plays as a part of your offense. Either way, in order to maximize your potential with a mobile QB and ensure they don’t get injured or fumble the ball, you need to know how to QB slide in Madden 23.

Doing a QB Slide

Fortunately, the controls for sliding with your quarterback are the same for any other ball carrier. However, there are some pitfalls to avoid when attempting to slide that players need to be aware of in Madden 23.

how to, how to do a qb slide in madden 23

Some quarterbacks, like Baltimore’s Lamar Jackson, are better suited for running the ball than others.

First off, players can perform a QB slide by double tapping X on Xbox and Square on PlayStation. When done, the ball carrier, in this case the quarterback, will go into a nice and gentle slide on the ground. The most important aspect of this mechanic to remember is that you will need one or two yards in between you and the closest defender to successfully slide. If a defender is right on top of you, then the slide animation will not happen, and you’ll be vulnerable to the defender.

You also want to make sure that you double tap the X/Square button. If you mess up and only hit the button, then you’ll go into a dive. While this might not make a huge difference based on the situation, it could have certain ramifications if you’re trying to reach a particular spot on the field. Speaking of, if you’re trying to QB slide to reach the first down marker, you don’t want to slide too early. The ball is marked wherever the ball carrier begins to slide, so you can’t pick up an extra yard or two even if no defender is near.

Lastly, when running with the quarterback, you need to remember that you cannot slide when behind the line of scrimmage. When escaping the pocket or simply running forward, you need to reach the line of scrimmage before you’ll be able to successfully pull off the slide. If you try and slide when behind the line of scrimmage, then you’ll throw the ball to your X/Square receiver.

That’s all of the mechanics and rules that go into performing a QB slide in Madden 23. If you’re looking for more Madden content, check out the full list of X-Factors and Superstars or 11 beginner tips to know before playing your first game.

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