HUD settlement changes the way Meta delivers housing ads

Meta's responsible AI means advertisers will have a tougher time targeting certain interests and demographics for housing ads.

Google increases Local Search Ads review requirements

Some US business categories may see their Local Search Ads disabled until they meet the new requirement.

Drive performance and better digital customer experiences

Join Michelle Lerner, senior director at Bench Metrics and AWS, for a special conversation & hands-on solution demonstration.

How paid marketers are fighting back against the Fake Web

Bots and fake users steal ad clicks, pollute audience targeting, and skew metrics. Paid marketers are learning to protect themselves.

Google Search Console item classifications updated to show valid or invalid

This is just a reporting change, no changes have been made to crawling, indexing or rankings with this announcement.

Microsoft to implement advertiser identity verification

The latest effort aims to protect searchers, publishers, and advertisers from rising threats and attack vectors in a timely maner.

How to train entry-level SEO hires so they can contribute right away

If your business relies on entry-level staff, getting new SEO hires trained properly is going to be one of the best investments you can make.

How to improve E-A-T with semantic search

Semantic search knowledge can be a game changer. At SMX Advanced, Marie Haynes shared how SEOs can use it to improve E-A-T.

How to use Audience manager for better insights and optimization

Learn the new role and definitions of audiences in Google Ads and how you can use Audience Manager to track and improve audience performance.

Pinterest introduces Idea ads and paid partnership tools

The new features are aimed at helping brands and creators reach consumers through creative images and videos.

Spotify commits to brand safety for podcasts

Their latest attempt at keeping the platform a safe environment for creators, listeners, and advertisers.

The LinkedIn Funny emoji is here

It's no joke, but it is Funny. As promised, LinkedIn has finally delivered it's version of the laughing emoji.

Google testing new featured snippet layouts

If Google begins to show two or more featured snippets, that can impact your CTR and conversions from Google Search.

4 things to learn about paid search from The North Face

Large retail brands face unique challenges when it comes to online marketing. Here are a few lessons to be learned.

Using digital PR to earn links and rank for your target keywords

Here are the steps you'll need to take to create a winning digital outreach campaign and build links.

DuckDuckGo drops below 100 million searches per day

After having over 100 million searches per day since January 2021, the privacy focused search engine has been under that figure for the past few months.

Google Search Console testing compare feature in performance reports

This feature can be very useful in debugging Google Search issues with rankings, indexing and potentially crawling.

Search marketers agree: automation the least favorite part of PPC

We asked and you answered. Automation and lack of transparency ring in at number one. Support and clients are a close second.

Webinar: Protect your PPC spend against ad fraud

Proactively block invalid traffic from infiltrating your ad campaigns.

Apple’s ad business may reach $6 billion by 2025

Early projections by analysts put the tech giant "in a good place to take advantage of the booming mobile advertising market."

How to find the balance between creativity and automation in PPC

Here's how you can use the potent combination of human input and machine learning to create winning PPC campaigns.

17 content optimization mistakes affecting ROI

Hint: proper content optimization is more than just adding in a few keywords and creating a FAQ section.

New shopping links for Google AdSense

Relevant keywords on your site are tagged and hyperlinked, opening shopping results within a pop-up window.

Microsoft Bing is building a new retail marketplace

Bing aims to drive a modest $25 million in merchandise sales by the fiscal year 2023.

5 tips to develop authoritative content for Google and searchers

Here's an inside look at Wirecutter's SEO strategy for creating content that ranks and helpful experiences for users.

6 Amazon marketing strategies to implement in 2022

New sellers continue to flood the channel while existing brands are ramping up their own efforts.

Google offers to show ad rivals on YouTube

Several recent probes from EU regulators may push Google to forego fines in lieu of allowing rival YouTube ads

Google releases several Ads Manager updates

The updates cover new features and updates around reporting, network settings, and inventory.

Google to sunset old Search Console message panel

Google will officially remove the legacy message panel on August 1, 2022.

Top 7 SEO tips for WordPress sites

Making small changes to your WordPress site can significantly increase your SEO.

Twitter removes nofollow attribute from links in tweets

It is unclear if Twitter intentionally removed the attribute or not and even so, if Google would count links in Twitter posts.

YouTube lifts some restrictions for mastheads ads

The new policy opens the door for many advertisers who had previously been limited on where they could place their ads.

10 quick and easy tips from LinkedIn for creators

Need some inspiration for the topic of your next LinkedIn post? Use these tips for a nearly endless supply of content ideas.

LinkedIn announces boosting for Event posts

The new feature allows advertisers to drive more awareness, traffic and registrations to their events.

Entity search is your competitive advantage

Here's how to leverage entity search and deploy a winning strategy across the organization.

How to attract your ideal customers with quality content

Running out of quality content ideas? Attract your ideal customers using these creative, SEO-focused tips.

Twitter announces Product Drops for merchants

Merchants rejoice. You can now set up notifications to alert your followers when your brand drops new products.

Webinar: Get beyond the blast with this next-level email strategy

Status quo email automation isn’t enough for today’s customers.

How to win in the SERPs with Google’s auction insights and search intelligence

Google Auction Insights can help you save time with competitive monitoring and track performance over time.

WordPress pages or posts: Which should you use?

Learn the benefits and drawbacks of WordPress pages and posts and how to decide when you should use them.


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Google May 2022 core update is finished rolling out

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Google expands financial services verification policy to Australia, Singapore, Taiwan

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Google Ads launches v11 of API

YouTube Shorts guide: How to get noticed

LinkedIn announces Business Manager

5 new tools for LinkedIn creators to get more followers, visibility

How AI will change the future of search engine optimization

11 enterprise SEO challenges and solutions

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WebPageTest’s new Opportunities and Experiments: test practically anything

Meta rumored to develop “Basic Ads” in response to recent privacy changes

How your PPC conversions will be impacted without privacy-first measurement

Free webinar: Get a jumpstart with Google Analytics 4

Microsoft, AT&T’s Xandr acquisition complete

Ahrefs reveals its new search engine: Yep

1 million URLs: How to pivot your SEO strategy when you reach enterprise level

Yandex CEO and founder resigns following sanctions

Google Chrome’s Topics API test going public July 1

Google Ads introduces three new travel products for hotels

Google Ads shares three automation best practices

Google updates its title algorithm for multi-language or transliterated/scripted titles

The top five digital marketing courses in the U.S.

When and how to analyze UX metrics to improve SEO

New Twitter ‘Search Subscribe’ feature coming soon?

Snapchat now offers Dynamic Ads for Travel

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Apple Search campaigns shifting to cost-per-tap (CPT) pricing model

3 Google Merchant Center changes you may have missed

Google help document adds author markup best practices

Google: automatic updates for condition starting June 26

Google adds learning video rich results

Crypto exchange ads now allowed on Microsoft Ads (with pre-approval)

SEOClarity acquires RankSense technology

Now hiring: Marketing Services Client Success Manager

SafeOpt by AddShoppers continues rapid growth and seeks new team members

Common questions and answers about SEO certification from Google

NP Digital acquires keyword research tool AnswerThePublic

Google drops support for job training structured data

Google Search Console reporting issue with News performance report

Google’s May 2022 core update impact was mixed, but it touched down fast and seemed very large

4 technical SEO issues auditing tools won’t show you

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Google Analytics 4 guide for PPC

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More FAQ rich results being displayed in Google Search

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Google releases May 2022 broad core update

Spotify, Meta update political ad offerings for 2022 election cycle

Take web hosting to the (NVMe) extreme

How to audit your site’s backlink profile

4 elements of good content, according to Google research 

Google Ads bug inflating some cost-per-click (CPCs) for non-US campaigns

3 changes coming to Google Ads audience features

Chrome will show Google Lens results in the same browser tab

Google Marketing Live 2022: Everything you need to know

Google shopping ads get a ‘swipeable’ makeover