Britain boosts military aid to Ukraine; Norway sends rocket launchers

Britain pledged another £1 billion ($1.2 billion) in military aid to Ukraine Wednesday to help it fend off Russia’s invasion, including air-defence systems and drones. The fresh funds will bring Britain’s total military support to Kyiv since the start ...

Russians behind Mariupol theatre bombing; NATO denounce Russia's 'appalling cruelty'

A theatre sheltering civilians destroyed in March in the besieged Ukrainian city of Mariupol was likely hit by a Russian airstrike in a war crime, Amnesty International said in a report published Thursday. “Until now, we were speaking about ...

Turkey seeks extraditions from Finland, Sweden under NATO deal

Turkey said Wednesday it would seek the extradition of 33 alleged Kurdish militants and coup plot suspects from Sweden and Finland under a deal to secure Ankara’s support for the Nordic countries’ NATO membership bids. Turkish President Recep Tayyip ...

NATO summit proof alliance seeks to contain Russia: Moscow

Moscow said Wednesday that the NATO summit in Madrid served as proof the alliance was seeking to contain Russia and that it saw Finland and Sweden’s NATO bids as a “destabilising” factor. “The summit in Madrid confirms and consolidates ...

Russia poses a 'direct threat' to NATO security: Stoltenberg

NATO leaders meeting in Madrid Wednesday are set to label Russia a menace to their security as they overhaul the alliance’s defences in response to the war on Ukraine, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said. “We’ll state clearly that Russia ...

US must ditch 'Trump method' in nuclear talks, says Iran

Iran warned the US to abandon the “Trump method” on Wednesday after the two sides opened indirect talks to revive a nuclear deal that was torpedoed by the former American president. But Iranian officials said they were hoping for ...

Relief and concern in Sweden after NATO deal with Turkey

Sweden may have clinched a surprise deal with Turkey paving the way for its NATO membership, but Kurds and leftwing parties expressed concern Wednesday about the concessions made to Ankara. “We did not cave in to (Turkish President Recep ...

'No progress made' on Iran nuclear talks: US State Department

Indirect talks in Qatar’s capital between Iran and the US on reviving a 2015 nuclear deal have concluded with “no progress made”, a State Department spokesperson said late Wednesday. The negotiations in Doha were an attempt to reboot long-running ...

M6 and M7 in the Scorpion’s Tail

How to find M6 and M7. Best time to view M6 and M7 science. The clusters are in the thick of the Milky Way In a dark sky, you’ll see 2 famous star clusters – M6 and M7 – ...

The Tunguska explosion, 114 years ago today

The Tunguska explosion: June 30, 1908 Tunguska explosion largest in recorded history Understanding Tunguska The Chelyabinsk meteor impact Studying Tunguska to prepare for future events Future asteroid missions Photo from the Soviet Academy of Science 1927 expedition, led by ...

China looks to launch liquid propellant rockets from the seas

TALLINN, Estonia — Chinese state-owned and commercial companies are developing capabilities to launch liquid propellant rockets from sea platforms to boost the country’s launch options. China has already demonstrated the ability to launch the Long March 11 solid rocket ...

June’s deep sky: Nebulae, a nova and more

Photos of June’s deep sky A deep sky bat, squid, cat’s paws and eagle Dark nebulae A glorious star cluster in the deep sky Recurrent nova U Scorpii View at EarthSky Community Photos. | Ernest Jacobs in Eden, New ...

Catch the moon basking in Earthshine this weekend

Earthshine is the result of sunlight reflected off Earth back toward the moon.

Watch an Atlas V rocket launch a missile-warning satellite for the US military on Thursday

Liftoff is scheduled to occur Thursday during a two-hour window that opens at 6 p.m. EDT.

Why do women always feel cold? Science can explain

Biological differences between men and women Hormonal differences Is it just humans? So how do we agree on the ideal temperature? We all have different preferences for when it’s the right time to bring out the winter blankets. And ...

How to remove stars from astrophotos in Photoshop

The difficulty of removing stars from astrophotos Using masks to remove stars 3 quick tips for removing stars from astrophotos With the exception of targets like open star clusters, stars are generally not the main feature of astro images. ...

Riskiest Asteroid Known to Humankind in the Last Year Will Not Strike Earth for at Least 100 Years

Asteroid ‘2021 QM1’ has been officially removed from ESA’s asteroid risk list. Another 1,377 asteroids remain. (Artist’s impression of an asteroid hurtling toward Earth.) Impact in 2052 ruled out as the European Space Agency (ESA) counts down to Asteroid Day ...

China Tianwen-1 With Zhurong Rover and Orbiter Shares More Stunning Photos of Mars South Pole [Look]

China Tianwen-1 Sends Back More Stunning Photos of Mars About Tianwen-1 Mission High-resolution photographs of the Martian south pole, where nearly all of the planet’s water resources are trapped, have been returned by China’s Tianwen-1 probe. Other views include ...

China's first bio-aviation kerosene producer trials clean energy production

A view of Sinopec Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Company in Ningbo City of east China’s Zhejiang Province. /CMG China’s leading oil producer Sinopec announced the country’s first successful trial production of bio-aviation kerosene on Tuesday, marking China’s solid step ...

Australia's Historic Rocket Mission Seeks Source of X-Rays Coming From the Inner Galaxy, NASA Says

NASA, Australia Launch Rocket To Identify Source of X-Rays Where Does X-ray Patch Come From? (Photo : Pixabay/Kanenori) Australia’s Historic Rocket Mission Seeks Source of X-Rays Coming From the Inner Galaxy, NASA Says NASA launched a sounding rocket from ...

The world's rivers are changing, here's how

The way rivers function is significantly affected by how much sediment they transport and where it gets deposited. River sediment – mostly sand, silt, and clay – plays a critical ecological role, as it provides habitat for organisms downstream ...

My Favorite Martian Image: 'Enchanted' Rocks at Jezero Crater

Not even Obi-Wan Kenobi could convince Perseverance’s Katie Stack Morgan that these are not the rocks she’s looking for. Ask any space explorer, and they’ll have a favorite photograph or two from their mission. For Katie Stack Morgan, the ...

Historic Mars mission completes all preset tasks

Tianwen 1, China’s historic Mars mission, has accomplished all its preset scientific tasks, according to the China National Space Administration. The administration said on Wednesday that the Tianwen 1 mission orbiter has obtained medium-definition images of the entire planet, ...

China launches 1st 2,000-tonne offshore wind farm installation vessel

Baihetan, China’s first 2,000-tonne offshore wind farm installation vessel, was launched on Wednesday in Guangzhou, south China’s Guangdong Province. Built by China Three Gorges Corporation, the 126-meter-long, 50-meter-wide vessel has a full load displacement of 37,000 tonnes and integrates ...

SES's C-band satellite launched onboard SpaceX Falcon 9

SES has announced that the SES-22 satellite was successfully launched into space onboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from SpaceX’s Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida, United States, at 5:04 pm local time. ...

Raytheon Technologies awarded next phase for US Army TITAN program

Raytheon Technologies has been awarded a competitive, prototype phase through an Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) with Consortium Management Group, Inc. (CMG) on behalf of Consortium for Command, Control and Communications in Cyberspace (C5) to continue development of the U.S. ...

Rocket Lab's Lunar Photon completes 3rd orbit raising maneuver for CAPSTONE Moon mission

Rocket Lab USA, Inc. (Nasdaq: RKLB) reports that its Lunar Photon spacecraft has successfully completed the third of seven planned orbit raising maneuvers, bringing the CAPSTONE spacecraft closer to the Moon. Owned and operated by Advanced Space on behalf ...

Life in the Earth's interior as productive as in some ocean waters

Terrestrial and marine habitats have been considered the ecosystems with the highest primary production on earth by far, i.e., the conversion of inorganic to organic carbon. Microscopic algae in the upper layers of the oceans and plants on land ...

NASA previews 'emotional' impact of James Webb images ahead of release

The highly anticipated first photos from the $10 billion James Webb Space Telescope provided scientists with an emotional experience, NASA officials said Wednesday, two weeks before their public release. Thomas Zurbuchen, the head of NASA’s scientific programs, said the ...

EGNOS technology for Africa - ESA signs deal with ASECNA

European technology that allows satellite navigation signals to safely guide aircraft down for landing in the majority of Europe’s airports will now be put to use across Africa and the Indian Ocean. ASECNA, the Agency for Air Navigation Safety ...

NASA aircraft conducting atmospheric studies over DC to Baltimore

A NASA aircraft will fly over the I-95 corridor from Washington to Baltimore and Hampton, Virginia, in support of an atmospheric campaign in the mid-Atlantic region between July 5 and 16, 2022. The four-engine turboprop P-3 aircraft, based at ...

Air Force hosts service chiefs to discuss JADC2

Reemphasizing a critical joint partnership in all-domain warfare, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. CQ Brown, Jr. met with his fellow service chiefs from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Space Force June 24 to share advancements and discuss ...

Impact in 2052 ruled out as ESA counts down to Asteroid Day

Just in time for worldwide Asteroid Day: a threatening space rock lingered at the top of risk lists around the globe for months, with a real chance of impacting Earth on 2 April 2052. Now, ESA’s asteroid team working ...

Canadian students prepare their CubeSats for launch

On June 29, 2022, Canadian students from Dalhousie University and the University of Victoria will be at Canadian Space Agency (CSA) headquarters to finalize the preparation of their CubeSats for launch. They are the first students from the Canadian ...

Shenzhou XIII astronauts doing well after returning to Earth

The three crew members of the Shenzhou XIII have recovered from the physical effects of their six-month mission and will return to routine training after medical assessment, according to the chief of the People’s Liberation Army Astronaut Division. Major ...

Successful high-speed flight experiments with new sounding rocket configuration

Reusable launch systems are exposed to high dynamic and thermo-mechanical loads during their return to Earth. The German Aerospace Center has now successfully tested high temperature structures, advanced measurement techniques and design tools for the re-entry phase with the ...

Fireworks are only possible because of quantum physics

This Thursday, July 4, 2022, is remarkable for a number of reasons. It happens to be aphelion: the day where the Earth is at its most distant from the Sun as it revolves through the Solar System in its ...

China’s Tianwen-1 Orbiter Captured New Images of the Entire Planet of Mars

The Zhurong The Planet Mars China’s Tianwen-1 orbiter spacecraft has managed to capture the entirety of the Mars planet via an image. They release several orbiter’s images across the surface of Mars. (Photo : Planet Volumes via Unsplash) The Tianwen-1 ...

Elon Musk's SpaceX Falcon 9 Successfully Launches SES-22 Communications Satellite to Space

SpaceX Falcon 9 Successfully Brings SES-22 Communications Satellite to Space About SES-22 Satellite An SES 22 communications satellite was launched into orbit by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on Wednesday. The said satellite will offer C-band television and data ...


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