microsoft, windows, microsoft, windows 11 kb5017328 update offers security improvements, fixes, new features

Windows has released a new cumulative update with an array of security updates, improvements, and fixes.

The September update KB5017328 (Build 22000.978) has now arrived for users of Windows 11 devices. Microsoft revealed that the Windows 11 KB5017328 cumulative update features a number of features, improvements, and security updates, including the September 2022 Patch Tuesday security updates that address vulnerabilities that were reported in the last few months.

On any Windows 11 device, simply go to Start, then click Settings and select Windows Update and Check for Updates to install the KB5017328 update. This update can also be manually installed through the Microsoft Update Catalog.

What to Expect with the Windows 11 KB5017328 Update

The Windows 11 KB5017328 update will change the device’s build number to 22000.978 upon successful installation, Bleeping Computer reported. This cumulative update also features about 25 improvements and fixes, including those related to hardware issues.

The Windows 11 KB5017328 update addresses the issues involving USB printers malfunctioning when users restart their devices or reinstall the printers. The update also fixed a Windows 11 SE that returned trust errors whenever apps from the Microsoft Store were being installed.

The Windows 11 KB5017328 update also fixed issues involving Bluetooth audio headsets that stop playing audio after adjusting the progress bar. Meanwhile, a Microsoft Edge IE mode issue involving the use of dialog boxes has also been fixed with this update.

Users will find that the Windows 11 KB5017328 update fixes the bug that prevented the Microsoft account (MSA) login forms from appearing after the KB5016691 update was installed. On top of this, Microsoft has also issued fixes for 18 more bugs, which are detailed in the August KB5016691 preview update.

Windows is Reimagining Microsoft Word to Become More Like Google Docs

In other Windows news, a new Microsoft Word is in development, and it is set to support @mentions. According to TechRadar, Microsoft Word will eventually get an update that features a new tool that would enable users to tag others in their shared document.

This upcoming feature will let Microsoft Word users create a comment that has capabilities to create, assign, and track tasks from multiple collaborations within the document. Right now, the feature is listed as “in development” but is scheduled to arrive in December.

This new Microsoft Word feature may not come as a surprise to some, as @mentions are already available in Microsoft Excel. The new feature is set to improve online collaborations, especially with shared documents or files that several colleagues need to work on at the same time.

This kind of function has long been available in Google Workspace’s Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more, making collaboration easier. Microsoft’s decision to add a similar function to its Office suite is aligned with its mission to improve the software experience.

So far this year, Microsoft stock has declined thanks to pandemic-related production challenges, a struggling economy, and a decrease in operations in Russia, Nasdaq reported. But Tigress Financial analyst Ivan Feinseth is confident that the company will overcome these headwinds, attributing this capability to their “extremely strong Azure and Cloud adoption, gains in its Microsoft 365 application suite, and growth in Teams, Dynamics, and Power Platform.”

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